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From Terry Keast, owner of Westward Builders:

"It's our experience that makes us unique. There's not much that we haven't done or repaired in the construction industry five, ten or even fifty times. We have a reputation for solving both planning and construction-based problems but it's our experience that gives us the ability to offer new ideas to remove beauracratic roadblocks and save our clients money."

"Northern California's unpredictable weather can create many challenges to our wood buildings and changing soil conditions. Water is the enemy of buildings and a knowledge of how it functions in solid, gas or liquid form is vital when it comes to protecting or building a home or commercial building. Expansive soil, erosion, landslides and sloughing can all destroy a building's foundation and moisture or running water can wreak havoc on wood framing. I've even seen water proofing and concrete get damaged in freezing temperatures."

"It's not enough that we have 50 years in the business because products and techniques are constantly evolving. Continuous education and training are critical so that we can help people find the best solutions to their dilemmas and protect them from costly errors. Our jobs will vary, but at the end of the day, our clients all want just 3 things: help from people they can trust, good communication and great results. Our mission is to deliver that. Our success comes from satisfying the people we service."




"They were totally straightforward and honest the entire time. They came in right on budget, which has never happened before when working with previous contractors. They're very logical and they delivered what they promised. They've been fantastic. They're honest, they have integrity, and they have excellent craftsmanship."

-- Blake M.

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