Construction Management

From Terry Keast:

"If you think that you could use somebody to act as a liaison between the contractor and yourself so that you're not misunderstood and you don't get hurt, then we're the people to bring into your project."

"We can make sure that you're protected against leans, faulty work and contractors who cut corners. We will oversee the project, the work, the money and the desires of the homeowner. Many homeowners know very little about the contractor doing their work other than some references. Some homeowners enter into a contract with a contractor whose references are staged. Their references are based on the work teams they've used but the contractor may have changed crews and their A team is no longer with them. We will make sure that you actually get what you're paying for."

From Pam L:

"Our attorney recommended that Terry be the project manager for our sprinkler project. Our five tenants include a bank and a coffee house, all with different hours, demands and restrictions. To add to the problems, we had to deal with the town, the sprinkler contractor, Marin Municipal Water District, the Fire District, contractors who were doing underground work in the street, traffic control, painters and drywall contractors. They all had their own issues to contend with. But Terry made it all come together, once making the comment that 'It's like herding cats.' Without Terry, we wouldn't have gotten it done. He never told me about the problems until the solutions were up and running and he made things happen smoothly, taking care of everything. Most importantly, he made me laugh when I felt like crying."


"They did a great job. They were very responsive and polite, even the workers who did the work. They were doing work for a 100-unit condominium association. I got so many comments from owners about how polite the workers were. They were working on decks outside, but they always made sure the owners had access. Their billing was on time and always correct. They came with plenty of people. They were always on time."
-- V.E.H.



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