Expert Testimony

From Terry Keast:

"Expert testimony goes along with the forensic investigation of a failure. Generally, an attorney or a homeowner will call me in to investigate something that went wrong. I'm asked to do a forensic investigation to evaluate what happened and then report back to the attorney or the homeowner. If I find that the contractor has failed or cheated or cut a corner, then the homeowner's side will put me on the witness list and I will testify against the contractor because I know the rules and I know the industry standards. If I find that the homeowner's guy is wrong or lying to them, I won't be asked to testify and I'll just send them a bill for my time.

Some 'Xpurt Witnesses' will testify to anything that the attorney wants. I'll only testify to the truth. When you're telling the truth, they can't beat you up on the stand. My approach in every case is to fall back on my fifty-four years of experience and always give a simple, truthful, common sense answer to everything that they ask me."

"The other side will usually spend ten minutes asking me, 'Do you have a degree in engineering? Do you have a degree in archaeology? Do you have a degree in this? Do you have a degree in that?' Then finally, my side will jump up and object, 'He has fifty-four years of experience Judge and he's testified in many cases.' The judge will typically respond, 'Fifty-four years? Yeah, he's an expert.' "


"Terry is truly a professional. He is awesome. He knows what he's talking about and he doesn't lie to his clients. His guys have worked for him for years, which tells you something. They come in and they know the way Terry wants things done. If they find a problem, they call Terry right away. They do things the right way." 

-- Beth W.


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