Forensic Investigation

From Terry Keast:

"Forensic Investigation is all about litigation. Generally, what happens is that one guy, a home owner will say one thing and another guy, the contractor will say something else. Then they sue each other. The attorneys will call me in to find out what actually happened. I'll go in and investigate everything and tell them where we're at. I can answer questions like:

• What went wrong?
How did this happen?
When was this place built?
Who built it?
Was it built in the winter or the summer?
What did the carpentry work look like?
Was the contractor's expertise in wood or in concrete?
Were they ignorant about geology?
Are those water stains from when they built it or are they new?"

"These are the kinds of questions that I can answer. I know how homes and building are put together and I can tell by looking at the framing whether a guy knew what he was doing. I can tell by looking at the foundation and the framing what year it was built. 'Wow, how'd you know that?' is the typical response to what I tell them. My answer might be: 'The size of the wood is an inch and five eights so I know when it was built.' They've changed the way they mill lumber and the way that they grade it over the years so I can tell by going under a house and looking around. There are so many things to discover under a house. My years of experience and knowledge gives me the ability to analyze what they did and why they did it. I can look at the layout and tell where the old house or addition was, if there was a deck there before or why it's leaking. I'll really take the house apart and by the time I'm done, they'll know more about the house than they ever wanted to know."

"It's best if the home owner calls me first and an attorney is not involved. But many times, attorneys call me after the home owner has brought them in. This kicks things up to another level because I then have to deal with the attorney. But it doesn't really matter to me. My job is to find the truth and the fastest way to resolve the situation. Basically, forensic investigation is detective work to analyze conditions and get at the truth. I love doing it."



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