Structural Repairs

From Terry Keast:

"Structural damage to buildings can happen from earthquakes, landslides, dry rot or poor soil and structural repair can restore the integrity of these buildings. We usually repair multi-residential buildings or large condos and the number one issue that we deal with is dry rot. Symptoms that indicate a need for structural repair are rot around the trim of your door, termites or salamanders. I've seen houses that are so rotten that salamanders, lizards and slags are living in the building. Other symptoms include building shift, cracking or noise from windows and doors."

"I was once asked to look at a foundation problem that baffled the engineers. The building suffered trauma that wasn't consistent with the surrounding soil condition or its position on the lot. After a careful inspection, I found that both the concrete street and the home's driveway were built without any expansion control. On hot days, the street would expand, pushing the driveway into the foundation and causing the house to buckle."

"A client called to say that his house was falling out of level and he wanted me to look at the foundation. I found that the crawl space was soaked with sprinkler water and grooves had formed in the soil from running rain water. There was no ventilation and the framing was growing fungus mold and mildew. The framing was so rotten, that I was able to stick a pencil through a 4" x 10" girder without breaking the lead. We had to reconstruct the house from the bottom down and shore up the roof and the outside walls. Everything else had to be replaced."

"These are the kinds of structural problems that we typically deal with and fix."





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-- David S.

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