From Terry Keast:

"Water is the enemy of building foundations. Running surface water and subsurface water will build up in the groiund, soften the weaker soils, cause your foundation to fail and can even cause minor landslides. Water can be in a solid form as ice but most dangerous is the gas and moisture that results from capillary action when the water starts to evaporate. It rises up through the house to create mold and mildew." 

"How do we eliminate the subsurface water and the hydro-pressure that's pumping up under your house, backyard or driveway? We mitigate it with surface drains, moisture barriers such as waterproof membranes and subsurface drains. The job of a surface drain is to remove all the water that lands on your roof and the ground around your house and to get it out of there before it enters the subsurface. A subsurface drain's job primarily is to release and remove hydrostatic pressure from the ground."

"One mistake that builders make in building decks is that they use a deck sealer on the top of the deck but they don't seal the bottom. When it rains, the water falls through the deck and lands on the dirt below. When the sun comes out, the water comes up as a gas, permeates the wood until it gets to the top where the sealer was and then turns back into a liquid that soaks back into the wood. It keeps recycling like that until the wood is rotten and dead and this kills the entire deck. Sealing under your deck is actually more important than sealing on top."

"As you can see, drainage is essential and maintaining drainage systems is an absolute necessity. Please see the Resources FAQs web page for more information about drainage maintenance."



"They did a very good job, and I am very happy with them. They were very accommodating, and everything was good.They did what they said they were going to do."
-- Tom L.

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-- Ken C.


"They were very professional. They really knew what they were doing. We had a drainage problem that they fixed."
-- Robert V.

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