Foundation Work

From Terry Keast:

"We build new foundations for new homes and we repair failing foundations for existing homes that were built on weaker soils. Before World War II, developers building homes would dig down to bedrock and then lay down the foundations. A good example of this was the Washington Monument. Laborers dug for up to two years until they found satisfactory rock to build on. After the war and in the 50's and 60's, there was a big need for housing and it was built anywhere. They'd build a house and boom, move on to the next one. Soil was moved and foundations were scratched out and laid down on top of clay soil or whatever happened to be there. No consideration at all for geology. These buildings would settle because the clay would dry out. As the clay subsided, the house would pull down and landslides, flooding and sinkholes would result. Foundation failures are usually water-related so foundation repair and drainage go hand-in-hand."

"A typical foundation failure happened to a neighbor of ours. He wanted to build an addition on to his house. The plans called for drilling piers into bedrock and this was good but the rest of his house had been floating on seven feet of clay. When the work was completed, the drought came and he shut off his sprinklers. The house subsided with one part pumping up and down with the clay soil and the other part tied to rock not moving. The addition stayed up but the rest of the house started breaking apart. Now we'll have to fix it for him."

"Things to look for if you think you have foundation problems: cracks in the foundation, building settlement, creaking noise at night, doors that don't open or close, and windows that don't operate properly. People will typically call us because their house is moving up and down. Our secret to doing great foundation work is simple: drill down to good stuff."




"They were just so professional. He told us about every process he was doing, and he kept in touch. He informed us about any changes that were going to occur in advance, so we never felt left out of the loop. He also explained everything in detail. And when he couldn't be on the job, he let us know who would be in charge in his absence, which I really appreciated. I liked the whole crew very much. They worked very hard, and they were always on time. They always did a full day's work, and they cleaned up before they left. They kept the work site safe and clean. They were honest, efficient, and trustworthy. When I had to go away for a couple of days, I felt completely safe leaving them with the key. Terry also referred us to some other workmen who were also great. He was excellent."

-- Alice T.


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